General Assembly

Director: Neal Cameron| Assistant Director: Genevieve Dubuc | Chair: TBA

The 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly is the largest committee that UBCMUN XXVII will host. All the members of the United Nations come together in this committee to discuss pressing issues that affect countries world wide. Central to this years General Assembly are the Sustainable Development Goals. UBCMUN’s General Assembly will specifically focus on ‘Climate Action’ (SDG #13) and ‘Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions’ (SDG #16).

Human Rights Council

Director: Elizabeth Vaz | Assistant Director: Anna Sier

The Human Rights Council is our new committee established to create interesting discussion about contemporary relevant issues surrounding international law and human rights. In addition, delegates are exposed to questioning of their decisions by the delegates of the International Press Corps

Security Council

Director: Kelvin Hsu | Assistant Director: Kenneth Hayward

UBCMUN’s Security Council is the flagship committee of our conference. In this committee delegates are expected to discuss pressing international issues that need immediate action.

International Press Corps

Director: TBA | Assistant Director: Peter Im| Assistant Director: Enya Ho

UBCMUN’s widely celebrated International Press Corps returns once again at UBCMUN XXVII. In this committee, delegates will represent a news outlet and are challenged to write articles about the committee sessions at UBCMUN. In addition, this committee will be responsible for developing the crisis for our crisis committees.

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