UBCMUN strives to provide a platform for students all over the world to be educated about the inner workings of the United Nations, the world's largest and most diverse international organization. In true spirit of the UN, we expose students, known as delegates at the conference to exchange ideas, collaborate with one another, and resume the highest level of diplomacy. Our goal is to provide an environment to educate students about diplomacy and current global issues. We believe UBCMUN is a fantastic opportunity for participants to develop their public speaking, research, negotiating, and written and verbal communication skills.

International Relations Student Association (IRSA)

IRSA has been thriving since 1983 at the University of  British Columbia. As the most active club on campus, it is also one of the most highly regarded student organizations throughout Canada and the United States.  IRSA's mission is to provide a forum for international discourse and an outlet for students with an international flair or focus.

Model United Nation Student Association (MUNSA)

MUNSA is the gateway to the MUN community at UBC. MUNSA organizes and trains student teams that represent UBC at regional and international Model UN Conferences.  Conferences that the MUNSA delegations attend include UBCMUN, NWMUN-Seattle, NWMUN-Portland, and one of the most prestigious conferences in North America: National MUN in New York City!

To join one of their conference teams or learn more about MUNSA, vist their site here.